Have You Winterized Your Home?

Even though the first day of Winter is not until the end of December, it is always best to start winterizing your home earlier rather than later. Instead of waiting for the frigid temperatures to hit, getting started on your home winterization projects now will save you time, and money, in the long run. 


Follow these 15 quick and easy steps to winterize your home for maximum comfort and savings:

1. Have your heating system checked 

You don’t want to find out your heating system is in need of repair when you need it the most! Call on us to check your heating system and make sure you’re ready for the coming winter months

2. Use smart home devices

Being able to check the temperature of your home from your phone is a simple and convenient way to make sure your home stays comfortable year round.

3. Winterize your pipes if needed 

4. Flush your water heater

5. Evaluate and upgrade your attic insulation if needed 

6. Get rid of unvented space heaters

7. Consider using a chimney balloon

Even if the rest of your home is well-sealed, having a chimney means a big hole in the room, providing a way for the cold wind to enter your heated living space. A chimney balloon inflates and acts as a barrier to prevent heat loss. (Don’t worry, Santa knows his way around these!)

8. Put draft guards in place

Draft guards help to prevent cold air from blowing inside, as well as keeping warm air from escaping.

9. Weatherproof your house

This could include giving your walls and deck a fresh coat of seal paint to prevent the moisture, sealing and insulating your windows to prevent cold drafts, and caulking doors to keep the cold out.

10. Use weatherstripping

Use weatherstrips in areas that need it most, like window sashes, attic hatches, etc. 

11. Check the gutters

Making sure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned will make sure leaves and twigs aren’t blocking your gutters which could lead to puddles of water sitting on your roof.

12. Hang up the hose

13. Run fans counterclockwise

This simple switch can make all of the difference! Running your fans counterclockwise will push warm air down.

14. Inspect roof shingles for damages 

15. Test your detectors

Check the operation of your fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in perfect condition with fully charged batteries.

Check out even more tips for winterizing your home from The Home Depot!

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