Take advantage of our Clean Coil Guarantee!

Take advantage of our Clean Coil Guarantee! For a limited time, you can receive a FREE AprilAire 1000 Series Healthy Air 11 Filter AND Scorpion 15″ UVC-LED Disinfection System when installing a new indoor and outdoor HVAC unit. 

The AprilAire 1000 Series Healthy Air 11 Filter is a genuine replacement air filter designed and manufactured in the USA by AprilAire – the leader in indoor air quality solutions. This filter traps airborne pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, and dust particles as air circulates through – reducing your cleaning time and frequency and allowing you to enjoy your clean home even more.

AprilAire 1000 Series Healthy Air 11 Filter specifications: 

  • MERV Rating: 11
  • Recommended Replacement Schedule: 12 months
  • Materials: Synthetic fiber
  • Contaminants Removed: Airborne particles, dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and pet dander. Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system.
  • Nominal Measurements: 16H x 20W x 4D (inches)
  • Actual Measurements: 16.52H x 21.38W x 4.05D (inches)

15˝ UVC-LED Disinfection System:

  • Over 5x the life compared to standard bulbs.
  • Rugged design with shatterproof LED
  • Kills mold, mildew, and bacteria on and around your HVAC coil
  • Stops foul odors like dirty sock smell
  • Integrated mode switch for two-run modes
  • 360-degree design for complete treatment
  • Airflow switches to power only when the system is running.
  • Optimum 265 nm wavelength
  • Meets UL 2998 zero ozone emission certification.
Thanks to the patented AprilAire Self-Seal Technology, air filter performance minimizes the amount of bypassing air. Installing the AprilAire Interlock Rail System prevents airborne particles from settling on your furniture and flooring, causing you to vacuum and dust less. AprilAire is a proud partner of the American Lung Association in support of its mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease and stand behind the performance of its air filters with their 10-year Clean-Coil Commitment. 
We highly recommend taking advantage of this special for cleaner air and a healthier home. Schedule an appointment today. 
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