An HVAC technician checks HVAC systems, which includes cleaning, inspection, and filter changes.

Many homeowners don’t consider their HVAC until something goes wrong. However, this often means that problems which could be prevented become catastrophic before anyone takes note. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure reliable and efficient performance from any machine, especially your heating and cooling system.

This is why HVAC maintenance contracts are growing more popular among homeowners who understand sustainability and long-term benefits. There are many advantages that come with an HVAC maintenance contract, not the least of which that your heating and cooling systems are far less likely to break down when you need them most.

Regular HVAC Checkups

When you have an HVAC maintenance contract, you will receive regular HVAC checkups including cleaning, inspection, and filter changes. These checkups will ensure that your HVAC is running optimally and can catch any issues early – before they cause a disaster or further damage to other parts of the system.
Regular checkups are good for any machine, especially the complex systems of central cooling and heating. Your HVAC service team will ensure your home is cool and comfortable all year.

Seasonal Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is also essential for ideal HVAC performance. It’s important to tune up your AC before the hot days of summer and warm up your heater before the first major cold snap. With a maintenance contract, you will enjoy reliable seasonal maintenance timed precisely to ensure that your system is ready for the change in weather.
In the spring, your heater will be cleaned so it is ready to go dormant for a season and your AC will be prepped for optimal cooling. In the fall, the opposite process will prepare your AC for dormancy while your heater is warmed up and dusted so you never even smell that ‘first day of heating’ burnt dust smell.

Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC

When you take regular and attentive care of your HVAC system, it will not only avoid the risk of catastrophic failure. It will also last many years longer than it might otherwise. A cracked fan blade will never have the chance to break and do more damage. Your coils will never labor under years of built-up dust because your HVAC will be regularly cleaned, tuned-up, and inspected for signs of trouble multiple times a year.

Priority Service with a Familiar Team

Lastly, as a regular and “subscribed” customer, you will receive priority service. Your maintenance visits will be pre-scheduled weeks or months ahead, so you will be treated as a favorite regular. You also gain the advantage of friendly familiarity with your HVAC team as you get to know the technicians often sent to maintain your system. They will also get to know the unique quirks of your central air and be able to provide more expert and attentive service.

Considerations for an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Of course, there are always a few trade-offs with any important decision. An HVAC maintenance service comes with upfront costs because you are committing to several services per year. You may also have the both positive and negative effects of overlapping or conflicting warranties on your HVAC system. However, if your primary consideration is reliable heating and cooling performance and the longevity of your systems, a maintenance service is the best way to achieve your goals.

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