Summer puts more strain on your A/C system at the time when you need it the most. As temperatures soar, keeping your home comfortable becomes a priority. Unfortunately, the hottest days of the year are the ones on which you have the most problems with your HVAC.

Knowing what likely problems are helps you fix things quickly and know when to call a specialist. Here are some of the most common issues:

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters should be changed every one to three months or as recommended by the manufacturer. If pets or somebody in your household experiences indoor allergies, you must change your filters more often.

If you don’t, dust, pollen, dander, and other particles will accumulate on the filter and restrict airflow. This reduces efficiency and also compromises the ability of your filters to remove these things from your air.

You can replace your filters yourself, but make sure you order them from a professional familiar with your system.

Refrigerant Leaks

Wear, tear, and corrosion can result in refrigerant leaks. When levels become too low, they can potentially damage your compressor and raise the indoor temperature. Get your refrigerant system professionally checked for leaks at the start of the cooling season. It can be hard to detect leaks before they become damaging. The technician can repair any damaged lines and ensure your refrigerant levels reach manufacturer specifications. This is a lot more cost effective than fixing a damaged compressor.

Faulty Capacitors

The capacitors in your HVAC system start the fan motors when needed. When your fan cycles more, more strain is put on the capacitors, this is more of an issue at temperatures that cause your fan to stop and start or if you are using a smart thermostat to adjust temperatures throughout the day to save money. A degraded capacitor can cause the fans not to start up when you need them.

Capacitors should also be tested at the start of the cooling season and replaced if necessary. This is a major cause of a sudden breakdown on a hot day.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your outdoor condenser unit tends to collect dirt, debris, leaves, grass clippings, etc. This reduces airflow and lowers heat transfer to the outside, straining your system. This is another problem that can cause your home not to reach the desired temperature.

You should routinely clean your condenser coils. Depending on the system, a gentle hose is enough, or you might need to use a soft brush. Make sure to keep vegetation trimmed back from the unit to keep the airflow clean. We can also thoroughly clean your coils at the start of the season, but you should do this chore regularly.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat can cause a range of problems. If your thermostat is inaccurate, then your system will be working towards the wrong temperature, whether it’s too hot or too cold. You can sometimes tweak the thermostat to fix this in the short term. However, inaccuracy can also lead to more frequent cycling and uneven coiling cooling.

Sometimes, a thermostat just needs to be recalibrated to show the correct temperature again. However, malfunctioning thermostats may need to be replaced. If you aren’t already using programmable or smart thermostats, this is a good opportunity to upgrade. Modern smart thermostats even allow you to adjust the temperature when not at home.

Electrical Problems

Your HVAC unit uses a lot of power, which can trigger electrical problems with your HVAC system or elsewhere in your home. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping on hot days, then there is a problem somewhere in your electrical system. Your HVAC may also be disrupted by loose connections or work wires.

In this case, you need to call a licensed electrician. Do not try to troubleshoot and fix electrical problems yourself. It’s illegal in many places for a reason. DIY electrical work can cause safety hazards and even start a fire.

Solve HVAC Problems This Summer

Your AC system can have many problems in the summer. The best way to deal with them is to schedule proactive maintenance at the start of the cooling system, fixing anything that might be a problem. And don’t forget to clean your filters.

If you need your system inspected before the temperature soars, contact us. We can take care of it and help you stay cool this summer.

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